Trees on Zachary Taylor Near Pan-American Stadium in City Park

Today didn’t go as planned, and it took me a lot longer to get out on my bicycle for a ride than I’d wanted, but that’s how things go sometimes. I put on my new prescription sunglasses–I can already see why they designed those wrap-around shades–and headed out to see the lake. I headed out Jeff Davis on my way to City Park and picked up the Bike Route signs at Bayou St. John. There are a lot of new bike/walk paths in New Orleans, but I am terrible with maps, and as soon as it’s folded up, I’ve forgotten everything anyway. Today I just followed the signs, fortunately to much more success than that fruitless ride down “Lake View Drive” in Old Metairie. The signs dumped me out at the Wisner Bike Path near Pan-American Stadium. I snapped this photo of oak trees against a white-cloudy sky because in this picture, it looks like wilderness. But on the other side of the street cars are racing by. Yeah, things aren’t always what they seem. I continued up the path to the lake and watched the waves and then back to the Quarter for a night at the theatre (I say I don’t like musicals, but oh my, they delight!). Things could be worse, my friends, things could be worse.

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