Police Canvassing at 35th & Old York Road

Police Canvassing at 35th & Old York RoadI’ve only been on my bicycle a few times since my big trip through the Adirondacks. That’s partly because I was exhausted and my non-biking sister was in town, and then because I was out of town at a family wedding, getting chauffeured around like the girlfriend of the sister of the bride. And now I’m back in Baltimore, settling in for a long late summer and fall of no travel, and that means I’m back on my bike, because that’s how I get around this place. Continue reading

US Coast and Geodetic Survey Benchmark Medallion on School 33 Art Center at Light & Birckhead

US Coast and Geodetic Survey Benchmark Medallion on School 33 Art Center at Light & BirckheadMonday was a day of appointments all over the city, which actually means a day of riding all over the city, if you are lucky enough to commute by bike. I started early, joining the morning traffic as I snaked my way south and east and south and east for an appointment at the eastern edge of Fleet Street. I skipped the usual route and got to ride through neighborhoods I normally don’t hit, including a bonus morning skip through the Old Town Mall, suddenly slated for redevelopment, thank goodness. I’m a suspicious li’l worry wart, though, so I should probably hold that thank goodness until we see what the city decides to subsidize there. Continue reading

Town Hall Meeting About Crime at Our Lady Star of the Sea Church in St. Roch

The sun was back out today, so after working from home most of the morning, I hopped on my bike and headed to the Bywater for a late lunch and a grading jamboree. I was in a bouncy sort of mood, so I decided to take a new route, and went down Tchoupitoulas. The traffic was fast, but so was I, and it felt great. After finishing up my work I took the bike on the Chartres-St. Claude bike lane loop–I love some bike infrastructure, that’s for sure. I took a right on St. Roch to get a little more time on the bike. Continue reading

Blue Sky and Shrine at First & Dryades

It was an absolutely perfect day to ride a bicycle in New Orleans. The cold front they’d been promising all weekend blew through last night, leaving us with crispy autumn air and shiny blue skies. I headed to campus on my bike in the morning–and it was actually kind of chilly! A few quick blocks and the chill was gone, though; in spite of what many folks said to me today, it isn’t quite fall. After work I pedaled through Central City on my way to the post office, only to find that it closes at 4:30, so my 4:40 arrival sent me down Dryades to the main branch at Loyola and Girod. Continue reading

Glass at Jefferson and Garfield

Glass Pile at Jefferson and ?The weather here is crazy.  It was actually kind of cold today.  Or at least, it feels cold to me when it’s below seventy degrees.  I felt the chill while riding home, via a bar–this is New Orleans, after all–for a quick drink, from my night class.  Continue reading

Blue Sky in the Marigny

Blue Sky in the MarignyI got a new digital camera.  Mine went missing back on Valentine’s Day, off to share the love with someone else, I presume.  I finally saved enough to get a new one and was excited to take it out for a spin on the bike today.  Rhoda and I rode to work today, and the sky was so, so blue.  It is impossible to stop  smiling when spinning up  St. Charles on days like this.  Continue reading

Crime Happened Here Sign on Camp Street

Crime Happened HereToday the group Silence is Violence held it’s strike against crime.  I noticed that something was up almost immediately upon getting on my bike when I saw this sign just a few blocks from home.  And, as I continued my commute to work, I saw dozens more, each marking the location of a crime.  Continue reading