Pumps at Orpheum Avenue & Hammond Highway

I woke up early to see if I was feeling any better, and I was, which meant a long bike ride was in order. As I lay there wondering when I’d take it, R. called to see if I might want to ride my bike to brunch this morning. Perfect plan! I hopped on my bike and headed out into perfect early autumn weather; feeling more and more human by the pedal. After a positively lovely breakfast, R. and I parted ways, and I meant to go do some work. But then I was riding again, and I just didn’t want to stop. I biked through City Park and up to Lake Pontchartrain where people were fishing and boating and walking enjoying the filthy, vulgar, perfect day. I took a right instead of a left and ended up on Hammond Highway, a street I’ve never taken. I stopped at the bridge over Orpheum to snap this picture of what I guess are pumping mechanisms for flood control. This infrastructure is all around us, maybe or maybe not keeping us safe, but for the most part I blithely cycle around town assuming this Atlantis won’t sink. As I left to continue on my way I noticed a bike path I’ve never taken, along the Canal. It was like a holiday surprise! Perfect. It spit me out at the Jefferson Parish line on Veteran’s Boulevard at the Lakewood Square strip mall. Oops! I was happily lost and continued on my way until I was unexpectedly back at Robert E. Lee. I took the long way home, seeing  an awful lot of people having their own perfect afternoons.

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