Red VW in the Oktoberfest Parade on Bourbon Street

I watched the Saints game while doing a little revising at home, and when we won, I decided to hop on the bike and head out to see how folks were celebrating. I passed a bunch of Saints-clad bicyclists going the other way–why anybody drives to the game, especially in weather like this, I just don’t understand. Anyway, I think I might have been the only sober person in a many block radius, so I got off my bike and headed to Bourbon Street to get up close and personal with some drunks. There was some heavy police activity, so I stood to the side to see what was coming. A parade! Fantastic. I love a parade. Using my Ph.D. level deduction skills, I figured this was the Oktoberfest parade (it’s October, lots of lederhosen, etc., etc.). It consisted of a few floats and some VWs with girls on top, like this shiny red one, a couple of small bands, and a fire truck. I yelled for my beads and waved and screamed the name of this year’s Miss Oktoberfest. It was such a lovely little treat it even lured some ladies out of the Hustler Club across the street. Shoot, we all love a parade!

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