Blighted House at Bienville & N. Tonti

I spent the day working from home and didn’t feel much like going anywhere, but by 5:00, I was feeling jumpy and decided to just get on the bike a ride to the grocery store. Once I was on the bike and pedaling, what usually happens happened, and I ended up taking a longer ride around town. I take the same main routes all the time, so today I decided to head out on my route to Bayou St. John but to just keep going instead of taking that right. Pedal, pedal, pedal, and I was at the end point of a different route–guess there’s more than one way to get there. I just kept going instead of taking that right, and again, I ended up at the end of yet another route. Yep, this is the Crescent City. I headed home a different way because once I was seeing new things, I just wanted to keep seeing new things. I stopped to take a picture of this house on Bienville and N. Tonti, missing its lid, showing all its insides. It seems obvious that the place is coming down, but there are all these new cement blocks that look like they’ve been brought in to prop the thing up. There were a number of properties like this along that stretch of Bienville; just a few blocks the other way and it’s an entirely different story. I snaked through the CBD, around Charity Hospital (seriously, what’s going to happen there?), and back Uptown. Yes, it is always a good idea to just go out for a ride.

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