Gert Town Pool at Stroelitz & Lowerline

I was going to head straight home after work today, but I decided to take a little ride first. I headed toward the bike lane on Carrollton. I took a left or two and ended up on Hamilton, that street where you take a left at the yellow house to get on the Earhart Expressway. Well, I am not going to ride my bicycle on the expressway, so I continued through the light for a ride around Hollygrove. Continue reading

Blighted House at Bienville & N. Tonti

I spent the day working from home and didn’t feel much like going anywhere, but by 5:00, I was feeling jumpy and decided to just get on the bike a ride to the grocery store. Once I was on the bike and pedaling, what usually happens happened, and I ended up taking a longer ride around town. I take the same main routes all the time, so today I decided to head out on my route to Bayou St. John but to just keep going instead of taking that right. Pedal, pedal, pedal, and I was at the end point of a different route–guess there’s more than one way to get there. Continue reading

Home Mission Baptist Church at Erato and Gayoso

Home Mission Baptist Church on GayosoIt was a beautiful summery day in New Orleans, so after work and homework, I pulled up a map of the city and picked a place to ride; today it was Gert Town. I went up Louisiana, through the Neighborhood Development Foundation’s recently-established Hoffman Triangle neighborhood, and then took a left on Erato, where I stopped to snap a picture of this small burned-out church. Continue reading