Boxing Statue in Rivertown Section of Kenner

I read today that they are closing the levee bike path for three months (read: six months) while making repairs to the Huey P. Long bridge. Oh no! I’m sure (sort of) that there will be some kind of detour, and I don’t actually ride the levee that often, but still. So I decided to spend my free afternoon after my lunch date with E. riding as far as I could on the thing. Oh, it was a beautiful day, ridiculously so. The sky was perfectly blue and the wind was lighter than earlier in the week and I just pedaled and pedaled and pedaled, watching the neighborhoods change on one side and the river go in and out of sight on the other. And then there were flags. I got off the bike and was in the Rivertown section of Kenner. I had no idea this place was here. There are historical museums, a theater–there’s a magic show there on Saturday–something called the Megadome Cinema that is also the planetarium, which is a sure winner, and a plaza lined with flags, including, of course, the Confederate flag. I snapped this picture as I was headed back up to the levee. This statue commemorates the first national boxing title fight, held at this very spot, apparently, in 1870 to a crowd of a thousand fans. Who knew? The statue’s missing the other guy, though. Maybe he’s off getting a new outfit or something. I rode back with a tailwind, feeling pretty darn lucky to have Thursday afternoons for myself.

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