Vines and Trees at Freret & Upperline

I don’t usually ride as far as I did yesterday, and today I am feeling it, for sure. Hopping on the bike wasn’t the first thing I wanted to do today, but by 11:00, I had to head up to campus, so off we went. Turns out it helps to just spin around on the bike a bit. After a delightful lunch with a delightful student and some work in this office and that, I headed to the bar to meet folks for drinks. One drink, though, and I knew it was time for a few last pedals home to rest. I snapped this picture at Freret and Upperline of a vine wrapped around a tree and then wrapped around the telephone line. I love how the plants have just decided to act like sure, we can both be in the very same space at the very same time, so what? Nobody’s giving in here. A few bumpy blocks of Freret on my way to the smooth new asphalt on Peniston, and I was on my way home.

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