Seafood For Sale at Louisiana & Baronne

First, it’s amazing what a day off the bike and a freshly-lubed chain can do for your ride. I was happy to get on the bike and stretch out for a surprisingly mild commute to work, but strangely, I forgot my helmet. My helmet! I know there’s a debate about helmets, but I wear one, and I felt positively naked without it. I didn’t have time to go back home to pick it up, but after almost being cut off by an errant parker on St. Charles, I stopped at home to put it on before my evening ride to the gym. Tonight riding felt like flying, and it was good. As I headed back Uptown I stopped to snap a picture of this sign advertising Boiled Crawfish Live Crawfish Boiled Shrimp outside Captain Sal’s Seafood & Chicken at Louisiana and Baronne (which is not in a “pretty rough spot in the neighborhood,” in spite of a reviewer’s claim). I don’t eat a lot of shellfish, but a lot of people around here do; seafood is daily food in Louisiana. And it matters if it’s safe, because a lot of us are eating it. Now, I don’t know if you remember, but there was an oil geyser, brought to you by BP, just a few months ago. The news of it has largely left the scene, and we are told that our seafood is safe. But as my friend M. points out, tests are a lot murkier than that, especially when performed not by BP or the state, but by individuals without clear investments in clean tests. Shrimp boiled in the shell show signs of serious contamination, and that’s how we eat them down here, even if BP doesn’t test them that way. The well is capped, but the story most certainly isn’t ove, and I’m glad we’ve got independent journalists staying on the case. We owe them.

3 thoughts on “Seafood For Sale at Louisiana & Baronne

  1. I used to scoff at helmets, but a little time in Phnom Penh – Land of the Anarchy Traffic – has made me a true believer. Also, your blog makes me miss NOLA like crazy.

  2. On helmets: I’ve landed on my head a few times, a couple of times where I’m sure I would have been in a bad way if I hadn’t been wearing a helmet. I crashed yesterday, and think I must not have had my helmet cinched up enough, since I’ve got a bruise and cut on my forehead. I don’t even remember what happened, but my helmet had a bad enough crack I went and got a new one today. I think I just have hit the train tracks at a bad angle. I made it the rest of the way home by a roundabout route, but don’t remember how I crossed the river, and didn’t realize until I got home that I was bruised and bleeding.

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