Train and I10 at the End of West End Boulevard

Yep, still cold out, which means today’s ride had to wait as I tried to figure out what sort of layering would keep me warm enough without making me look like a broke-ass Punky Brewster. I was only mildly successful on both counts, but I headed out anyway, first to the Marigny for the New Orleans Book Fair. The place was crawling with all the usual suspects–readers, writers, watchers–and I managed somehow to leave with money in my wallet (though there was one art book I’d have bought, if it had been for sale). I headed out for a ride with no real destination–my favorite. I rode up Canal, stopping for some food, a beer, and the second half of the LSU game. I then cruised around Lakeview, taking some streets I’m not used to. West End Boulevard dead ended here, with a train crossing and cars whizzing by below. I ended up at a lot of dead ends today. There’s construction on Lakeshore Drive, and I rode right into some netting put up to keep people like me out. I rode in circles through City Park when my headlight just wasn’t enough for all that dark. I humbly request a fancy headlight and for the city to turn on the streetlights. Fortunately for me, I don’t mind ending up at dead ends or riding in circles or getting lost, so color me happy with another free day of riding my bike around.

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