Justin Bond & Nath-Ann Carrera at the Allways Lounge

Alright, alright, fine. It’s not summer anymore–all of the sudden New Orleans is back in the deep freeze. After a long morning waiting for the rain to stop, I left the house on the Surly to head down to the Treme to help J. pack for her move to NYC–a bittersweet task indeed. I was dressed all wrong. I mean, mesh tights let the air in, the thin layering t-shirt is alright, but only if you layer, and the rain jacket is good if it’s raining, but not so much when it’s going to drop below 45 degrees when it’s time to ride home. Biggest lesson learned, though? Wear gloves. My hands were little frozen hulls by the time I made it home. But in between piling things in boxes and those harsh weather-related bicycling reminders, I rode my bike over to a local bar to take in a show. We were early, having misread the start time as 8:00 rather than 10:00 (mid-thirties hopes for an early night, dashed again), so we had some beers and waited for Justin Bond and Nath-Ann Carrera to arrive. Oh, J., you won’t get seats like this in the big city. They arrived with their cadre, all in impressive winter wear. These folks came prepared. I snapped this photo during the act–it’s not a good one, but the show was. Next time, though, I’m bringing my mittens.

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