Cars Gathering for the Lady BuckJumpers Second Line at Fourth & LaSalle

I finally emerged from my grading retreat and got on the bike this afternoon to head downtown for a quick trip to the gym with J.–our last together as she moves onward and upward to NYC. I took my regular route up Louisiana to LaSalle/Simon Bolivar. That smooth asphalt and those wide, empty lanes through a friendly neighborhood make it my route of choice. Oh, but it’s Sunday, and that means it’s second line time. Today the Lady BuckJumpers were running their route Uptown through Central City–an absolute treat. I got off my bike and walked through the gathering crowds. I stopped to watch the parade of cars at Fourth Street. I snapped a picture of this one as it made another loop. The driver was slumped casually back in his seat, clearly loving his car and the fact that the rest of us were loving it too. He’s spent some time on this thing. I totally get it–I spend some serious time on my bike, and sometimes, between you and me, when I’m riding it, I’m secretly thinking people are admiring us as we fly on by. We were all putting on a show today, and sometimes, I like to watch.

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