Justin Bond & Nath-Ann Carrera at the Allways Lounge

Alright, alright, fine. It’s not summer anymore–all of the sudden New Orleans is back in the deep freeze. After a long morning waiting for the rain to stop, I left the house on the Surly to head down to the Treme to help J. pack for her move to NYC–a bittersweet task indeed. I was dressed all wrong. I mean, mesh tights let the air in, the thin layering t-shirt is alright, but only if you layer, and the rain jacket is good if it’s raining, but not so much when it’s going to drop below 45 degrees when it’s time to ride home. Biggest lesson learned, though? Wear gloves. Continue reading

A Caressing Breeze From the Bywater to the Lower Garden District

I don’t usually ride my bike with other people. When I go out for a ride it is usually so I can be alone, not because I’m thinking terribly deep thoughts, but kind of so I can empty out, not pay attention to anything but the road, the traffic, and whatever pops into my view. And sometimes I’m just trying to get somewhere, as fast as I can. Tonight, though, I rode back home with B., after  a lovely evening out with a whole slew of good friends. Continue reading

The Everything Shoppe at Canal and Magazine

I didn’t get nearly enough sleep last night. That’s because last night I rode my bike down to New Orleans Arena for the Jay-Z concert, and it was so, so good. I mean, it was really ridiculously good, and I was so high afterwards, I just couldn’t get to sleep. That meant not a whole lot of biking today, but I took the Surly up to work and then Rhoda and I rode downtown to help S. do some packing for her move this weekend. Continue reading

Confetti in the Sky at Canal and Solomon

Oh, it was a most beautiful day today. I woke up, had coffee, applied glitter to holiday dress, and then headed out on the bicycle. It was sunny with blue skies, and it felt good to be alive. I spent most of the day at parades, catching throws from a semi-famous person or two and a zillion krewe members. Continue reading

Power Pole at St. Claude and Marigny

Power Pole at St. Claude and MarignySometimes riding my bike just feels like flying. That’s what it felt like tonight, as I rode down to the Marigny to meet friends for drinks. I’d spent the day reading, thinking, writing, cleaning, and cooking, so when night came around, it was time to just fly. Continue reading

The Red Corner at the Freret Street Gym

The Red Corner at Freret Street GymI spent today using my bicycle for transportation. Yes, the bike is not just a toy. It is how I get from place to place. Today found me riding to and from the coffee shop and then uptown to the Freret Street Gym for their Friday Night Fights. My friend S. has been training for a month and was ready, sort of, for her first bout. Continue reading