Police Car Graveyard at Alvar & Chickasaw

It is springtime in New Orleans again. Every time I think it’s time to swap out summer clothes for winter, we get another temperate day like today, perfect for a bike ride with no destination. I hopped on the Surly and headed downtown, only to run into a holiday parade. A parade! I love a parade. This was a short one, but it featured stilt walkers, the McDonough 35 band, dancers, and, of course, Santa Claus. Continue reading

Blight and New Construction on Piety Near N. Galvez

I cannot begin to express what a perfectly beautiful day it was in New Orleans–crystal clear skies, mid-70s, I was riding the Surly around in a flipping sundress. In January. This is more like it, people. I headed out for one of those rides with no destination. Continue reading