Jennifer Ruley Accepting the “Bike Easy” Award at Bicycle World

75 degrees and sunny in December? Don’t mind if I do! This weather may portend the end of days, but I’m going to ride my bike around in it like a little girl until we all go under. I was a little tired from yesterday, but I took the Surly out, first to do some bicycle-related work, then to the museum for some southern folk art before hitting the gym. I rode back Uptown in time to choke down some cold pizza before tonight’s Metro Bicycle Coalition holiday party out at Jefferson Bicycle World. I put on my helmet, turned on my lights, and velcroed into my new safety vest–safety is sexy, friends–and rode up St. Charles to the new bike lane on Carrollton. I can’t say enough about the expanding bicycle infrastructure in New Orleans. When I started riding here they had just opened the St. Claude bike lane. Now we’ve got lanes all over the city, and sharrows through the CBD and the Marigny/Bywater, and that’s not even counting the Wisner bike path or the trail along Robert E. Lee–which has both the off-road path and sharrows. A huge reason we’ve got this growing infrastructure? Jennifer Ruley, and urban planner who advocates for bicyclists and pedestrians at the Public Works department. So when Dan Jatres, MBC board president, presented her with the first Bike Easy award tonight, I clapped extra hard. When I wasn’t distracted by all those beautiful bicycles behind her, that is. I rode home the way I came, pedaling as fast as I could, another day of riding in the city happily in the bank.

3 thoughts on “Jennifer Ruley Accepting the “Bike Easy” Award at Bicycle World

    • St. Charles was repaved with money from one grant–I think the submerged roads program–that didn’t include funds for bike lane striping. The city has to pay for the striping. They requested to share the equipment to have it striped at the same time, but it was a no go. I may have the agencies and the money mixed up, but the long and short of it is that bureaucracy is keeping it from getting done. Ruley said tonight, though, that getting the stripes down is a top priority right now.

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