Jennifer Ruley Accepting the “Bike Easy” Award at Bicycle World

75 degrees and sunny in December? Don’t mind if I do! This weather may portend the end of days, but I’m going to ride my bike around in it like a little girl until we all go under. I was a little tired from yesterday, but I took the Surly out, first to do some bicycle-related work, then to the museum for some southern folk art before hitting the gym. I rode back Uptown in time to choke down some cold pizza before tonight’s Metro Bicycle Coalition holiday party out at Jefferson Bicycle World. Continue reading

Upward Bound Tulane University Sign at Broadway & Plum

My Wednesdays are crazy busy and this one had a couple of bumps that made it particularly long, so by the time I stumbled out of the office at 6:30 I wasn’t exactly looking forward to getting on the bike. But then I felt the air–cool–and clipped in and was off, tonight to Bayou St. John for dinner with T., T., and N. I stopped quickly, though, to take a picture of this sign at Broadway and Plum. I mean, the thing is seriously proud of itself. Continue reading