People Watching Fireworks Along the Mississippi

It was a stormy last day of the year today, and I spent much of it inside, reading, reading some more, watching, and thinking about what a lovely 2010 I had. There was so much good stuff in it–books, music, friends, cats, bicycling, festivals, music, learning–I really has a most excellent year. And then it was time to go out. On New Year’s Eve. This is a dangerous night for a biker, especially in a town like this one where drinking and driving is totally normal. (You can get a daiquiri from a drive thru, for pete’s sake.) And tonight it was dark and stormy with a chance of downpours, so I took care to don all my safety gear–you can ride safely in anything; you just have to be prepared. After muscling through the crowds of drunken tourists and enjoying a quick drink with friends, we all headed over to the river. We locked our bikes and climbed up the levee only to find this flipping Mists of Avalon scene stretched out before us. The river looked like dry ice out there, and it felt like it must be a put on. But it wasn’t. It’s a stormy night, and this is our fog, warm like a blast from the subway or chilly like a McDonald’s walk-in fridge, depending on how the wind blows. Crowds gathered, I sat on a rock, we waited for Algiers to finish their show, and then it was our turn. it was loud and smoky. And sometimes it felt like the lights would engulf you. And there were cheers and slow clapping and champagne drinking and everyone was looking up. It really was a magical scene. Here’s to a good 2011 with lots of bicycle rides to magical scenes!

2 thoughts on “People Watching Fireworks Along the Mississippi

  1. Kate, Happy New Year. There’s an eerie quality about the picture that makes you wish you were there. I do enjoy your short stories and pictures. They some times make one think about life in general and at other times they make one wonder about life. Please make a promise that you will keep writing and photographing what you see.

  2. May what you bring to each day, enable every year to exceed the joy of the last one.

    Happy New Year, my wonderful daughter!

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