Chicken Mart Sign at Simon Bolivar & Jackson

My twin sister E. left today after a lovely week-long visit. I loved having her here, and I loved showing her around. Only your twin sister will humor you and let you drive her on all your bike routes to talk asphalt and bike infrastructure, and humor me she did. She doesn’t ride bikes, so I took this opportunity to drop the Surly at the bike shoppe for some free routine maintenance (another reason to buy your bike from an independent shop) while we used my car to tour New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. But I’m not going to lie–a whole week without riding my bike was a little too long, so I was thrilled to get back on the bike today for a ride around town. The weather was stunning–sunny, blue sky streaked with whipped cream moustaches, light breeze–and I headed out to retrace one of my regular rides. I got back in my cadence and just rolled, thinking about what I’ll show E. when she visits next time. I would love to get her on a bike so I could show her this New Orleans, the one with the multiple road surfaces, standing water, and this sign at the Chicken Mart on the corner that turned up one day, much fancier than what it was advertising. It isn’t on now, and I swear it’s been turned around or something, and then across the street, that was sometimes a farmer’s market, but I never saw a farmer’s market there, but the signs for that are all gone today, so I don’t know. This city, for me, is in the details, every day. But on a bike or not, I’ll drive E. around anytime.

2 thoughts on “Chicken Mart Sign at Simon Bolivar & Jackson

  1. I was giving you another day and then I was going to email you. I was worried when you didn’t post for a week. I so look forward to your posts each day or so that when you disappear my morning doesn’t start right.

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