Entrance to the Jones Falls Trail at the North End of Druid Hill Park

It’s New Year’s Day, which means it’s time for the first bike ride of 2012! If I’m being honest, I wasn’t really in the mood for it. I had a most lovely new year’s eve, and I was perfectly happy to stay in bed all day, lolling around and eating last night’s cheese plate, but you can’t miss a ride on the first day of the new year, right? By the time I was out of bed and ready to get on the bike, the rain had started to fall, but only in sprinkles; I was tired and the left side of my head felt like there was a party last night, so I decided to head to Druid Hill Park to do a couple of easy laps. Continue reading

People Watching Fireworks Along the Mississippi

It was a stormy last day of the year today, and I spent much of it inside, reading, reading some more, watching, and thinking about what a lovely 2010 I had. There was so much good stuff in it–books, music, friends, cats, bicycling, festivals, music, learning–I really has a most excellent year. And then it was time to go out. On New Year’s Eve. This is a dangerous night for a biker, especially in a town like this one where drinking and driving is totally normal. (You can get a daiquiri from a drive thru, for pete’s sake.) Continue reading

Beignet Debris at Cafe du Monde

I’m not usually a big fan of New Year’s Eve. It’s too much mandatory drinking and fun and dancing, and I like to be in charge of those things myself, no matter what the calendar says. But I headed out on my bike this evening, hell-bent on making a go of it this year. And man, did I have a good time. Continue reading