Beignets and Cafe au Lait at Cafe du Monde

It was another sunny and warm(ish) day in New Orleans, perfect for another ride on the bike. Today I headed up to the office to print stuff out and make copies and get my mind set for back-to-school on Monday. And then it was time for the Saints. I raced to the grocery to pick up snacks and then biked down to the Treme for a viewing party. It’s funny–last year at this time I was positively in the grip of Saints mania. The buildup was intense, and each game made the whole city stop, turn on the TV, drink, and let the game work its cathartic magic. And then we won the Super Bowl. I have never felt anything like the collective thrill of that night, everyone wanting the same thing and getting it at the same time. It was positively magical. But you don’t get that every year. If you did, it wouldn’t feel like it did last winter. The Saints lost the game tonight to a team that played better than our team, and did you see that run? It sucks. I can’t believe Saints football is just over until next fall. After a song on repeat and an agreement to look onward and upward to Carnival, I headed to Cafe du Monde to drown my sorrows in beignets and cafe au lait. Whatever, Seattle–we get to live in New Orleans.

3 thoughts on “Beignets and Cafe au Lait at Cafe du Monde

  1. I have a friend who is from LA and after one of her many visits to see her family, she brought me back a huge mug from Cafe du Monde. It is a much-preferred mug in our house because of course it will hold the most coffee and it doubles as a tureen for soup. I have never had a Beignet and I can’t drink milk but one day I surely must partake of this heavenly pairing. Thanks for sharing 😉

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