Boat Docked on the Mississippi at the Fly

Today was the first day of classes for the spring semester. I love the first day of school. It’s like the first day of the baseball team: everyone’s in first place, no one’s fallen behind yet, and everything’s all new and crispy. Love. It. I got up early, hopped on the bike, and headed to campus. It was cold out. Next time, put the gloves on before putting my hands on the handlebars. At some point I need to stop dressing aspirationally; it’s January. Anyway, I had a good day of class introducing the material, talking about what we’re going to do, and by the end of it I totally wanted to take my classes. I had that hopped-up feeling I get after a whole lot of teaching, so I took the long way home and up along the Fly to catch a glimpse of the river. I rode up to the edge of the river and look over and saw this orange boat–not sure where it’s going–tied up to this launch. There were other boats, too–tugs, barges, shipping. Across the river were factories pumping white plumes in the air. On the other side of me were soccer fields and benches and evenly-spaced trash cans for the many folks who come up here on warm days for all sorts of trash-producing activities. Yep, lots of different things happening down at the riverside. Best look alive.

One thought on “Boat Docked on the Mississippi at the Fly

  1. Did you ever notice the old steam engine that is up there on the Bisso property immediately upstream of Audubon Park? It’s just on the river side of the levee and quite hard to see. There was once a railroad spur that went up the levee there.

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