Buses Parked in the Bike Lane on Magazine & Andrew Higgens

I was out of town for almost exactly 24 hours and returned home exhausted, to a house with no heat and no water (frozen pipes). We’re having a cold snap. It was so cold in my bedroom that getting out on the bike seemed like a great idea, even in this weather, so that’s what I did, first Uptown to meet a student and then down to the Marigny for coffee and a chat with S. It felt good to be back on the bike, even if I was only away for two days. But I’m not back in a rhythm yet since my week-long hiatus. I was in an excitable mood, having received some excitable-making news, so I felt especially jaunty on the bicycle, zooming along, taking that corner onto Camp Street by the Civil War Museum with extra lean. Oh, that was fun. I took Magazine Street on my way back Uptown, stopping to take this picture of a couple of Hotard buses idling near and in the bike lane as another taxi sped by to the left. Listen. The bike lane isn’t extra parking. It’s for bikes. This is the WWII Museum. A zillion tour buses come through here every week. Buses should go to the place designed for buses, even if that means people have to walk around the block from the museum to the restaurant. Because when I am forced out of the bike lane, I’m in danger–you should see how people drive around here. We need more lanes so that this one has a context, and we need to respect the lane. Because I want to stay safe, especially seeing how much more I need to see on my bicycle. Rant complete. I’m happy to be back on the bike.

2 thoughts on “Buses Parked in the Bike Lane on Magazine & Andrew Higgens

  1. If i had a dollar for every time someone parks in the divided lane on Gentilly…

    I guess i’m ok with the 94 bus using it; i wish it was for bikes only. But i suppose we’ll only get respect if we fight for it.

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