Riding Around Town in the Cold

I sat around my house today, waiting for the HVAC guy, considering some major Life Decisions, vaguely remembering earlier this week when I had heat and my pipes weren’t frozen and I had running water. He finally came over, fussed around with the unit, called somebody at the office. I heard sentences like, “This thing looks crazy,” and “I sure got the short end of the stick on this one.” He had to go get a replacement part to replace the replacement part he got yesterday, over on the West Bank. I ate a sandwich, sent some Life Decision related emails, and then it was time to get on the bike and head over to the Regional Planning Commission offices for tonight’s League of American Bicyclists League Cyclist Instructor training session. It was a nice ride despite the cold, and I got to think and talk about bikes all night, but I was cold, thinking about Life Decisions, and wishing I would be able to take a shower later. Sometimes the bike is just our transportation. But there’s not other way I’d like to get anywhere. I’m moving to Baltimore in the fall to teach somewhere new and ride my bike somewhere new–I’ve already starting mapping their bike infrastructure. New stuff, all new stuff, but I get to take my bike with me. I’m pretty damn excited.

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