Bike Lane on Harrison Through City Park

I got up early early this morning, took a shower at the landlady’s place (I haven’t had running water this week), and hopped on the bike to get to the Regional Planning Commission for Day Two of my bike safety training course. It was way too early for me to be up. I am so tired. But alas, this is the schedule, and I am always on schedule. We spent the next 11 hours studying up on emergency crash prevention techniques, traffic principles, group riding, and presentation skills. After the sun went down, we went on a group ride to see whether or not we’re visible with our lights and reflectors. (Hint: the more the better, and get some reflectors up top so drivers know you’re a person, not a road sign.) Turns out my front light is good for visibility, but it’s not really going to help me see. This is fine, usually, because I mostly ride the same routes at night. But then there are nights like this, when P. and I headed off toward home on the same bike path through City Park that we started on. There are no lights, none at all, and the bike lane ended here. It’s a good thing I was going slowly and got a heads up from my classmate, or this might have been an ugly way to demonstrate the importance of lighting your own way. I must say, though, this little scene is classic New Orleans. It’s good–and bad–to be home.

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