Group Presentation at the Regional Planning Commission

Ok, it’s been a long, long week, and I wasn’t really in the mood to get up before 7:00am and ride my bike over to Lakeshore for another 8 hours of bicycle safety instructor training. I decided to strap my bike to the car and drive over there and hope I was just tired and not on the verge of getting sick. To tell you the truth, I felt like a zombie sitting there, and try as I did to pay attention, I was only about 65% there. Three hours in and it was time to take the bikes out for a final group ride. We pedaled along like a row of ducks, dutifully scanning (“head on a swivel, people!”) and signaling and turning through Lakeview on our way to lunch. After lunch we rode back to the parking lot to play the games we’ll teach kids in bike safety school. It was actually kind of fun–I don’t know why we’ve decided kids learn best when also entertained, but that grown ups just want to sit passively and listen. We headed back to the conference room and took turns presenting in small groups. I snapped this picture of one group telling us all about bike fit. At this point in our 21 hour safety jubilee, I was just about finished with bicycles. We finally got to leave and I drove home to zone out to some football. And then I went to a dinner party. Where all I talk about was how to safely ride a bicycle in traffic. Still a zombie, but a safe one.

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