Demolishing a Church at Prytania & Josephine

The weather was ridiculous today–over 60 degrees, sunny, bright blue sky, slight breeze. That meant I could leave the leggings at home and just slip on a skirt and go out for a ride. I rode down to meet A. for brunch and then headed to the Marigny for coffee and reading. It felt like springtime, I had nothing to do today, and it just felt good to pedal along. I headed back Uptown on Prytania, stopping to take a picture of this burned-down church at Prytania and Josephine. The Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church had been empty for years, up for sale, no buyers. Earlier this month it turned into a many-alarm fire and was destroyed. The block still smells like smoke, and there is debris everywhere. A couple sheriff cars were parked around the property as a red bulldozer-thing scooped the remains of the place into giant trash containers. Twisted iron railings and fences still line the rubble. I ride my bike down Prytania all the time, but I have to admit, I can’t really remember this church as it was standing. To me, the church was just the background. But now that it’s gone, there’s a gaping hole, and now I see it.

4 thoughts on “Demolishing a Church at Prytania & Josephine

  1. I live near the church, and I remember what it looked like. Yet, I understand how much more noticeable a hole is. We went by the place on Saturday after watching the congregation second line from the rubble strewn place to their current building.

  2. Hey, Kate, how will you deal with less bike time after you move? It gets cold in Baltimore unlike NOLA. Will you still blog? Maybe I should send you an email, huh? Denise

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