Baby Broccoli Growing in a Container in Mid-City

When I last visited my dear sister in NYC, I realized that if you aren’t really into bicycles, you might not even notice them. I was only half listening as we wandered around Brooklyn chatting about the old days when I, too, lived in Brooklyn. The other half was busy checking out every single bike that rode by–the fixies and cruisers and hybrids and road and mountain bikes–and only occasionally checking out the rider. But E. reported she barely even saw them until I started making her look at them. Over and over again. For a solid week. Twin sisters are the best. Anyway, when I rode over to S.’s place in Mid-City today I didn’t even notice the plants growing out in front of her house until she pointed them out as we got set out on our ride to the lake. I took this picture of these lovely little broccoli, her pride and joy, slowly but surely growing up. I bet S. sees these in detail every day, noting their growth and development, tracking their details. We rode around together, talking about what we’ve been up to, what we’re doing next, what we are thinking about. She might run away to do some farming this summer. I’m already picking out bicycling day trips in the Mid-Atlantic region. Excellent plans all around, I think. In the meantime, I look forward to updates on those broccoli, and what is she going to do with all that fennel?

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