Book Signing at Women With A Vision on Jeff Davis & Iberville

I worked from home today, doing a little of this, reading a little of that, until I had to hit the dentist–I had a pocket that needed excavating; you don’t want to know more. I hopped on the bike this evening to head over to the Women With a Vision offices for a book release party/fundraiser. I had one of those rides where you barely notice you’re pedaling because you feel like you’re just flying. What a perfect way to end a productive day. Anyway. I was a little bit late for the reading, but the crowd welcomed me in and found me a seat. Andrea Ritchie talked about the process of writing this absolutely essential book about how the state, through policing and prisons, regulates gender and sexual non-normative people, and the contemporary queer movement should center the struggles of people who live at the margins, who face structural racism and poverty and are made to shoulder the brunt of social problems. Yes, yes, and yes, I nodded my head, and ponied up the cash for a book and a donation to WWAV, a group that’s been fighting on those front lines for a long time. If you’re looking to support real change for real people, throw some bones their way. I snapped this photo of folks gathering around for signatures and more discussion before getting my copy autographed and then heading out for a quick bowl of soup and a quick ride home, grateful to live in a city with so many fantastic people doing such great work.

2 thoughts on “Book Signing at Women With A Vision on Jeff Davis & Iberville

  1. Leading edge social issues, thoughts on infrastructure (and potholes!) and the whirr and whee that accompany bicycling: what a delightful complement to my post work-day chai.

    Thanks for writing, Kate. (And the pictures are marvelous, as well!)

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