Book Signing at Women With A Vision on Jeff Davis & Iberville

I worked from home today, doing a little of this, reading a little of that, until I had to hit the dentist–I had a pocket that needed excavating; you don’t want to know more. I hopped on the bike this evening to head over to the Women With a Vision offices for a book release party/fundraiser. I had one of those rides where you barely notice you’re pedaling because you feel like you’re just flying. What a perfect way to end a productive day. Anyway. Continue reading

Westbound I10 Traffic After the Saints Game

Oh, it is windy in New Orleans today. We don’t have hills here, as you may have heard–the lip of the bowl doesn’t count–so windy days are the closest I get to hill training. I considered perhaps maybe not riding my bike over to the offices of Women With A Vision for today’s B.B.Q. so as to avoid that uncomfortable feeling of getting batted about by the wind, but come on. It’s my first day without a massive workload in the last two weeks. I need to ride my bike. Continue reading