Magnolia Blossoms Behind Tulane’s Gibson Hall

I am just plain tired out from my weekend of biking and walking and shouting for beads, and the weird reaction I’m having to the antibiotic my dentist gave me that is making my joints swell is not helping. In other words, today’s ride was a commute, a quick ride around Audubon Park to loosen things up a bit, and then home to ibuprofen and ice. On my way back to my bike after class I stopped to take a picture of these magnolia blossoms on a tree behind Gibson Hall. Magnolias are blooming all over the city, light pink, purplish pink, white pink, and their perfume is a delight. Even on days when my legs feel filled with lead and I’m just exhausted, I am happy to be on my bike for a part of it, where I can see and smell these flowers, not inside the box that is the car.

3 thoughts on “Magnolia Blossoms Behind Tulane’s Gibson Hall

  1. Tired and joints swelling? Talk to your doctor because it might not all be from the drugs. Just be sure nothing else is going on. sometimes tooth problems can be related to other infections. I want you to be well to feed us with all the other parades and Mardi Gras events.

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