Power Lines at Tchoupitoulas & Euterpe

I didn’t ride my bicycle today. I wanted to, what with the sunshine and the light breeze and the cooler temperatures, but my body has made it clear that it needs a day or two out of the saddle, and I decided to listen (a rare choice, if you know me). So how can I write a blog entry, if I didn’t see anything while riding my bike around today? It’s time for a guest post from a pedestrian! I wandered out of my house with the last straggling papers I had to grade and headed down St. Charles to find lunch. I ended up at the pizza place for salad and a slice. They kindly let me sit there and finish my papers, and then the server brought me an espresso, because she figured I’d need it. How lovely! I finished up and decided to head downtown until I was tired of walking. Standing on the corner, my friend R. drove up and offered me a cupcake. How good could this day get? I walked down St. Charles through the CBD. I never bike there because of those dangerous streetcar tracks, so I hadn’t seen the rows upon rows of parade viewing stands. I guess some people don’t just crowd up on the streets. And then I had to go to the bathroom, so naturally I took a right and went to Harrah’s. Ten bucks and three whiskeys later, I was tipsily and happily walking home when I took this photo of the three layers of color in the sky as the sun goes down over the Mississippi out there past the ports. I took a right when I saw a bunch of people doing something at a warehouse. It was Thoth, loading bags upon bags upon bags on their floats. Parades start again tomorrow! It was dark by the time I made it back Uptown, where I ran into another friend–E., dressed as Max from Where The Wild Things Are, because “well, it is Mardi Gras season.” Excellent, excellent, excellent. It wasn’t a bike ride, but it is what I saw, ambling around today.

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