Blue Skies Over the St. Patrick’s Day Parade at Magazine & Josephine

Another parade? Are you serious? I am done with parades for now. I’m in the place of intense relief that carnival is over and things are getting back to normal–I’m doing my dishes, cooking actual meals, folding laundry, and answering emails. I had way too much to do today to go out for yet another parade. And then it was noon and I found myself on my bike, wearing a green tank top, and riding over to A.’s to see the parade. The weather was scandalous today–sunny, warm, and barely a breeze. It felt good to feel the sun on my back as the crowds gathered. I snapped this picture of the sky because look at it. So blue, fluffy white clouds, a bright background for the trees, telephone lines, and buildings that make their own shade. Parade-goers gathered on top of buildings and on balconys, waiting for this parade that features riders tossing cabbages, carrots, onions, potatoes, and other things necessary for a nice meal later in the day. It turned out I really wasn’t much in the mood for a parade today (and especially not for the beery Irish walking club and their sloppy kisses and that one guy who tried to stick a sticker ON MY NIPPLE–no, really–gack), but I was in the mood to be outside in this springtime weather with a bunch of other folks who just want to be outside in this weather.

3 thoughts on “Blue Skies Over the St. Patrick’s Day Parade at Magazine & Josephine

  1. Yeah, I remember those sloppy drunks trying to give you a kiss for a green carnation in return!I remember they tried when I was a kid…which is really disturbing.

  2. I come to MArdi Gras every year. I was sad to leave this year but the hussle and bussle of Pennsylvania awaited for my return. Maybe next year you can ride us around on your bicycle and show me the Big Easy from the views of your eyes! :O)

  3. Just found you via a link in a short article in nolavie on So cool! We have a somewhat similar approach to enjoying the city. Gorgeous blog!

    I am (somewhat crazily) trying currently to post daily to three nola blogs – one with a nature photo, one with a local architecture (usually) photo, and one with general musings.

    I can do this partly because I’m no longer classroom teaching – and it’s kind of my “outlet” to share something with an audience, however small.

    Thrilled to find you – I’ll be back!

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