Tulane VS Southern in the Women’s NIT at Fogelman Arena


Today’s bike ride was a short one, but it took me somewhere good: up to campus to see the Tulane women’s basketball team take on Southern in the first game of the NIT. I love watching sports, and college basketball tourney time is one of my favorites (in spite of my qualms about college sports, but that’s for another time). And for six bucks I could get a little taste of some live basketball action–big win! I snapped this picture halfway through the second half, when Tulane was up by 30. Yeah, it wasn’t even close, and I’m sure that had something to do with all the knee braces on those Lady Jags. Oh, and perhaps the smothering defense of the Green Wave. Something else entirely was happening in the case of the bands, however. If I’d been playing in the Tulane band, I’d have been peeing in my pants. After the game I rode home, made a quick stop at N.’s for a nightcap of basketball, and was grateful for the cool nights of spring. Here’s hoping there are many more.

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