People Watching the Mississippi River From Woldenberg Park

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the river is rising, so after an evening with friends I took the bike out to check on the flow. I sped along St. Claude–good lord, I love a bike lane–and headed to the top of the bridge over the Industrial Canal where the water was high, maybe even higher than a couple of days ago. Then again, maybe not.
The river was at 17 feet on Wednesday, and that is high, but it’s about as high as the river is in the springtime, I think, but then again, it depends what you read. ‘When the public trust has been betrayed like it has been here, there seems to be no sure way to ease minds. People seemed mostly jovial back on the Moonwalk, staring at the river waves and drunkenly moving these sandbags around. It’s not fun times in other parts of this city and upriver, though. In some places, the flooding’s already happened, and the losses are already real.

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