People Watching the Mississippi River From Woldenberg Park

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the river is rising, so after an evening with friends I took the bike out to check on the flow. I sped along St. Claude–good lord, I love a bike lane–and headed to the top of the bridge over the Industrial Canal where the water was high, maybe even higher than a couple of days ago. Then again, maybe not. Continue reading

Blight and New Construction on Piety Near N. Galvez

I cannot begin to express what a perfectly beautiful day it was in New Orleans–crystal clear skies, mid-70s, I was riding the Surly around in a flipping sundress. In January. This is more like it, people. I headed out for one of those rides with no destination. Continue reading

Flowered Vines on Decaying Garage at St. Claude and Piety

Flowers on Decaying Garage at St. Claude and PietyFor all the talk of thunderstorms yesterday, today was gray, dreary, and just a little bit wet.  But after waking up on the wrong side of the bed, I decided this afternoon demanded a bike ride.  So I kept my skirt on, grabbed Jack, clipped in, and rode off to meet a friend in the Marigny to do some reading.  Continue reading