Lunch & Learn at the Royal St. Charles Hotel at 135 St. Charles


Sometimes I receive an errant mail–the Tea Party’s e-newsletter, the alumni newsletter from Cal State LA (my dad went there, and we do share a last name, I guess), and earlier this week, an invitation from the Do-WAP Agency to come down to the Royal St. Charles Hotel to learn a thing or two about their conference services. Never one to turn down a free lunch (after all, I was invited), I rode my bike down there after running some morning errands Uptown. I locked my bike to a streetcar sign, took the elevator to the third floor, and discovered instantly that I was in the wrong place. No, I don’t work for a company, no, I don’t have a business card, no, I am not planning any conventions. I got a plate of Asian coleslaw (which was neither), jambalaya, and pasta “primavera” before sitting at a table with some actual conference planning professionals as they exchanged business cards and debated where to throw their company’s Essence Fest parties. “You guys do modeling too, right? Can I get your card?” I didn’t win the raffle, got three servings of bread pudding, did a tour of the rooms, and thought that yeah, I would totally book a block of rooms here, if I ever needed to do such a thing. But they need to get some bike racks. I rode home in spittling rain without slipping on wet streetcar tracks, so I would say, all in all, that ride was a win.

2 thoughts on “Lunch & Learn at the Royal St. Charles Hotel at 135 St. Charles

  1. God, you make me laugh!! Life is an adventure you are always living and this one involved lots of bread pudding. Yum

  2. Just catching-up on your blog. What a treat it is to read a handful of entries at one time. Perhaps the L.A. State (now, California State University, at Los Angeles, as you surely know) simply appreciates how well you represent that family name.

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