Parking Available at Orleans & N. Johnson

I spent my day writing and reading and watching Shoah, which is the most intense piece of art I have ever seen. That’s all I’m going to say here, except that I can’t believe I’ve never seen it, and I think it should be required viewing, period. I had plans to go to the baseball game tonight, so regardless of the mood I was in, it was time to get on the bike and head over to R.’s for a carpool to Zephyrs stadium. I pedaled slowly, thinking about how built environments are in many ways neutral. The same street that I’m biking down–today, Tulane Avenue–has carried many, many different kinds of traffic, heading toward that intersection with Broad Street where Orleans Parish Prison lives. But me, I just zip on through to Mid-City and then out to a baseball game and beer and kids with funnel cakes and the 7th inning stretch, fireworks and Bruce Springsteen, back to R.’s for my bike, and then a ride home. I took the long way, over to Orleans Avenue. If you build bike infrastructure, I will ride it, and that new asphalt and bike markings are just so nice. I stopped at N. Johnson to take a picture of this empty lot advertising for parking. Some other life probably used to be right there, but now it’s this, but I don’t actually know if anyone parks there; it’s always empty at night. I got back on my bike and headed home, grateful for the patches of smooth road in this town.

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