Houses Behind a Fence at Galvez & Cleveland

Saturday’s my day off, and I spent mine riding around on my bike visiting friends. I rode down to the Quarter this morning for croissants and coffee with S., mom, and friend, and it was nice to be out riding around early, catching a few tunes around the corners of the Creole Tomato Festival. After a quick stop at home I rode Uptown to J.’s, where I lost the poker game but got a little bit tipsy. Tonight’s ride took me to Mid-City for dinner with M., who tried to weasel out of our date by claiming “work,” but you’ve got to eat, you know. It was a most perfect dinner of catching up and going on about Ken Burns–just what both of us needed, I think. I took the long way home, as always, and did a circle around the footprint for the University Medical Center in Mid-City. The place is ringed with fencing, and most of it is now covered with opaque material so you can’t see through. I found this spot, where construction stuff will move in and out. The space is largely empty, except for these four houses on stilts that I’m guessing are going to be moved, at some point. I’ve been watching them make this space, and now I’m watching them start to look like they might make sometime else. Strange that I won’t be here to see what happens. I pedaled home, pleased as punch to have spent so much time on my bike today.

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