View of Boats, Ships, and the Domino Sugar Plant From Canton Waterfront Park

I woke up excited to get on the bike for the first time in almost a week. I checked the weather report: 90% chance of heavy rains. D’oh! I follow this rule that I got from my pops: never start a bike ride in the rain, so I figured I best climb out of bed and get on the bike before it was too late. I opened the door to a light sprinkle, but hey, rules are made to be broken, and this kid needed a bike ride like nobody’s business. I headed down to Fells Point to treat myself to brunch at that place that always has a line outside. Yeah, the wait was an hour and forty five minutes, but I was riding solo, so I just popped up to the bar, ate my obscene omelette, read my book, and then biked in the sprinkling rain to Canton Waterfront Park, already a regular ride. I snapped this picture of the gray skies and the water, populated by this old trestle (or whatever that is), private boats and yachts, and far in the distance, docked navy ships, the Domino Sugar plant, and some of the many fancy apartment complexes that have opened here, like everywhere else. So many different ways this waterfront has been and is used, and I wonder what will happen to it as this period of overaccumulation continues apace, what else will turn into this abandoned trestle, assuming that’s not itself a decorative part of an “authentic” waterfront–damn you, reading! Anyway. Today it was just what I needed to see before turning around and cycling back up the hill under significantly rainier skies. Oh, it’s good to be home, and tomorrow it’s supposed to be dry.

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