Fluid Movement Parade at Howard & Lexington

Today was the last day of my spring break, and oh, it was a delightful one. I hardly did a lick of work, except insofar as visits to museums sort of count as “research.” I got in a visit with my sister, lunch with friends, eyefuls of flowery trees, a whole bunch of visits to museums and historic sites, and even more bike rides. Today featured a long morning in bed, a little reading, coffee with a friend, and then a bike ride over to Howard and Lexington for Fluid Movement‘s Howard & Lex, the perfect end to a positively lovely vacation. I flew down the hill on Maryland Avenue, which was practically empty, like most of the streets are in downtown Baltimore on a Sunday afternoon. Some days that emptiness feels like an empty cage I’m rattling around in, but today it felt like a playground. I took my left on Lexington, locked my bike to a street sign, and headed in. The show was weird and awesome and there were parts I liked more and less than other parts, and I was particularly fond of the skating hot dog, but I might be biased. The show ended with a parade and the demand that the audience be a part of it. S. guessed at dinner afterward that perhaps I found that part a bit uncomfortable. Yeah, she wasn’t wrong. I love parades, all parades, and I love the part where audiences become part of parades and we turn the whole thing into a festival, but you can’t just script that. Or maybe you can, and I’m just a killjoy, but I don’t really think I’m a killjoy. After dinner I rode my bike around, noticing the difference between the Westside in the performance and the Westside where the performance took place, and then I was back up the hill to do laundry and dishes and settle in for the beginning again of another work week. Things are good over in these parts.

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