Pink and Blue Skies Over 36th & Roland Avenue

I spent the weekend in the car and on foot, camping with S. in Catoctin National Park, and aside from the rain and the Very Important Lesson I learned about using the rain fly even if the skies are blue, it was a most perfect weekend. Now that I’m back in Baltimore, though, I get to hop back on the bike. Today’s ride was a short one after a long day at work, up to Hampden to meet B. and G. for dinner. I snapped this picture after a quick stop at Royal Farms, where you can’t get any farm products, before walking back past the new restaurant in town, The Food Market, where they’ve actually gone to the market and made the food already. Now, I’ve been looking at some wildly beautiful skies lately, yawning over the Rockies and stretching over lakes and forests, but  the pinkish skies over cities are beautiful too, like this one, that was both promised both rain and calm. It was a good reminder to look up, wherever I happen to be. And then I was back on my bike and down the hill to home, thinking about the next time I’ll be able to get a good ride in. Thursday, I can make it to Thursday, I just know I can.

2 thoughts on “Pink and Blue Skies Over 36th & Roland Avenue

  1. Damn! I thought of taking a sky pic tonight (great clouds/sky colors)
    from a supermarket parking lot, and could ALMOST see the photo that included the wires overhead… but not quite. thanks for a reminder to keep acting and stop thinking so damn much!

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