Pink and Blue Skies Over 36th & Roland Avenue

I spent the weekend in the car and on foot, camping with S. in Catoctin National Park, and aside from the rain and the Very Important Lesson I learned about using the rain fly even if the skies are blue, it was a most perfect weekend. Now that I’m back in Baltimore, though, I get to hop back on the bike. Continue reading

Lighted Fountain at Audubon Park

We’ve got some wild weather in New Orleans right now, so I put on a tank top and tossed a rain jacket and a wool sweater in my panniers and headed to work. It was windy, that kind of wind that buffets you around as you maintain an unusually firm grasp on the handlebars. I pedaled as fast as I could, dancing to a song, working up a hot sweat when only a few days ago I declared a welcome to winter. Oh well. Continue reading

Cool Breeze Uptown on St. Charles Ave.

Sometimes I work a really, really long day, like non-stop-for-fourteen-hours long day, and the last thing I want to do is think about what I’m seeing riding my bike around today. I just want to be home watching the Saints with a beer and leftovers. But then I get on my bike and get in a rhythm and the streets are dark and empty and the air is actually cool. And then I’m glad I’m not at home on the couch, happy to be alone on my bike for 20 minutes so the long day can just drift away. Yeah, that’s what I saw riding my bike around today.