Pink and Blue Skies Over 36th & Roland Avenue

I spent the weekend in the car and on foot, camping with S. in Catoctin National Park, and aside from the rain and the Very Important Lesson I learned about using the rain fly even if the skies are blue, it was a most perfect weekend. Now that I’m back in Baltimore, though, I get to hop back on the bike. Continue reading

Twilight Sky at Dauphine and Bienville

Twilight Sky at Dauphine and BienvilleI’ve been itching to ride Jack around these past few days and finally had time tonight to velcro on my bike shoes and tool around for a bit. I rode to meet some friends for dinner, and I found myself racing my friend’s car for part of the way. Continue reading

Blue Sky in the Marigny

Blue Sky in the MarignyI got a new digital camera.  Mine went missing back on Valentine’s Day, off to share the love with someone else, I presume.  I finally saved enough to get a new one and was excited to take it out for a spin on the bike today.  Rhoda and I rode to work today, and the sky was so, so blue.  It is impossible to stop  smiling when spinning up  St. Charles on days like this.  Continue reading