View From a Back Porch in Waverly

View From a Back Porch in WaverlyWednesday was the first day of classes, and oh, I was excited! I love the first day of school–all the books are new, no one is behind on the readings, all the grandmothers are still alive, and we are all full of hope for an exciting semester of learning together–at least that’s how it feels to me. I get so excitable, though, that I’m pretty much exhausted at the end of just two classes. I drove my car home in the post-teaching haze, rested up for just a bit, and then I hopped on the bike for a slow pedal up and over to Waverly to see R. and her new house, a bike ride I expect to take a lot in the next year. R. was away for much of the summer, and I was fiending to see her again, because I missed my bosom friend! I brought my bike into her living room, she poured chips and salsa into bowls, grabbed us a couple of ciders, and we headed out to her back porch to sit, eat, drink, and catch up. And this was the view, and the sound was the buzz of summer insects in trees, and I felt at home at her home, a bit of wildness in the city. I’ll take it. And then it was time to get back on the bike and head back to Charles Village to meet N. for dinner before biking home, promises for a longer ride tomorrow. The best part of using a bike for transportation is that even on tiring days like this one you get to ride a bike, even if just for a few miles. Here’s to a mile or two to Waverly on the regular, because I could make myself at home on that deck, for sure.

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