View From a Back Porch in Waverly

View From a Back Porch in WaverlyWednesday was the first day of classes, and oh, I was excited! I love the first day of school–all the books are new, no one is behind on the readings, all the grandmothers are still alive, and we are all full of hope for an exciting semester of learning together–at least that’s how it feels to me. I get so excitable, though, that I’m pretty much exhausted at the end of just two classes. I drove my car home in the post-teaching haze, rested up for just a bit, and then I hopped on the bike for a slow pedal up and over to Waverly to see R. and her new house, a bike ride I expect to take a lot in the next year. Continue reading

Uptown Porch and Rocking Chairs on Annunciation

I needed a day of rest today, so today consisted of lazy bike rides solely for transportation. I headed down tot he coffee shop to finish up some grading and then back Uptown to do some reading. I got back on Rhoda to head over to N.’s for pizza and The Game. It was a cool night and lots of folks were out on their porches, talking to each other, talking on their phones, or just chilling. Continue reading

Flowering Tree on Constance

Flowery Tree on Constance StreetI’ve been taking a few days to recover from my long birthday ride in the heat (as well as the wee bit of drinking I did that night), so I have just been riding Rhoda around on errands for the past couple of days. But that’s what bikes are for–transportation wherever you happen to need to go–so it works for me. Continue reading

The Night Sky From An Uptown Porch

Power Lines in the Night Sky From a PorchI rode my bike over to N.’s tonight for Game 1. I’d been looking forward to it all day long, excited to get pizza and beer and watch some basketball where the games really count. For something. Continue reading

Balcony in the Treme

Treme BalconyOne of my very, very favorite things about New Orleans–and surely many places are like this–is how many ways there are to sit outside and watch stuff. Continue reading