William Bennett Sculpture Behind Shot Tower at President & E. Fayette

William Bennett Sculpture Behind Shot Tower at President & E. FayetteI spent Thursday working on a grant application, asking for money to do a little something something with the artists I’m working with on a project that takes shape as it moves–my favorite kind. After getting a draft out to the co-conspirators I took the rest of the day off, hopping on the bike and heading down the hill to Harbor East to catch a movie. As I waited to cross Fayette from that tiny road between the church and the Brutalist postal office, one of the turning cars in the far lane stopped and waved me and a pedestrian across. I appreciate that kind of sharing, but as other cars backed up and started honking, I let it get to me and got off the road altogether, walking my bike across the cobblestones surrounding Shot Tower. I never go this way–cobblestones (though they probably aren’t cobblestones, but some other kind of road surface that acts like cobblestones but isn’t–somebody fact check this for me?) are the worst on a bike, and I’d rather just take the smooth, recently-paved lane to my first right. But today I took a different way, and it took me past this, which at first glance kind of looks like something left behind from a recent demolition, or the concrete copy of the Inner Harbor’s twisted metal beam in honor of 9/11. This is art, though, a sculpture by William Bennett installed as part of 1977’s International Sculpture Symposium of Baltimore. There’s no other information at the site, but I didn’t need any to be grateful for the record that there was such a thing there, and then I started wondering what other public art I’ve missed with my 2013 eyeballs. Time to get a book so I can plan another bike tour! And then I zig zagged around Little Italy until rolling up to the movie theater where I got the signature drink for the movie because I’m that kind of sucker, a small popcorn with butter, and a pair of 3D glasses and settled into the exact middle seat of an empty theater and watched Gravity, all by myself. Is it really that much work to find a minute alone, Sandra Bullock? And why are we so thrilled when people overcome skin-of-their-teeth after skin-of-their-teeth close calls to triumphantly survive in a movie but spend so much time hating and blaming poor people who do that very thing, day in and day out? That’s what I thought about as I watched the movie happily alone, and then it was over and I rode back the way I came. The leaves turned on something special on Thursday. Extend yourself, fall. There’s no hurry.

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