Tree and Safety Cone on Old York Road & 37th

Tree and Safety Cone on Old York Road & 37thWednesday’s ride found me pedaling up Old York Road for a rather roundabout trip to Morgan State. I followed the googleymap directions and was glad I did, because I got to ride through neighborhoods I’m rarely in, having the distinct tendency to go down the hill rather than up the hill, at least to start. It was early, so I dodged the school buses and got to say my how ya doin’s to the many folks walking dogs, walking to work, and walking to school. People were out doing yard work before the midday heat started, and the whole place just felt like a friendly neighborhood where I’d love to have a front porch for tea-sipping and waving. And then there were also the overgrown lots and the public park with the floodlight parked out front. I passed a passel of cops–six of them, to be exact–as they loitered about drinking coffee; I guess loitering’s fine if you’re in blue. I snapped this picture around 37th Street, I think, because depending on how you look at it, it is an overgrown abandoned lot, a beautiful tree against a beautiful sky, a work-in-progress, as suggested by that safety cone, or, if you travel this road all the time, I bet it’s just another corner where you’ve got to stop and check both ways. For me, on Wednesday, it was a nice spot in a new neighborhood where I might live some day. And then I took my right on Cold Spring and another right on Perring Parkway, and it was all traffic navigation as I made a mental note to slow down next time and find the public libraries around here. I made it to Morgan, did a circle around the Communications building in a futile search for a bike rack, and ended up locking to a sign while I went upstairs to be on a radio show for an hour with some very smarty pants people. So much fun to get to join a public conversation with those folks! I rode home the direct way, swapped out bikes, and did the multimodal commute to campus for the first day of summer school. What started as a leisurely ride through a new neighborhood turned into a reminder that sometimes you’ve got to put your head down and get where you’re going when you commute by bike.

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