Patterson Sign at Eastern & East


Saturday’s ride took me up to Federal Hill to meet R. and O. for a day’s work on our art project. It was a bummer to be inside on such a perfect day, but hey, I got to ride my bike there and hang out with two of my very favorites. And then a bike ride down the hill to meet A. for what might be our last lunch before her baby joins us, and the down the hill and around to Highlandtown for the Charm City LGBT Film Fest at the Creative Alliance. I snapped this picture of the sign out front before heading in, because oh, look at that sky, and oh, look at that sign. That place has held down that corner for a long time, but times also change. Now nobody blinks an eye about a queer film festival, or if they do, the eyes blink back openly. The best part of the day on the bike was the ride home. I felt like the only girl on the streets, gliding through cooling air, the smells of barbecue and weed wafting from East Baltimore corners, because in the city you get to share this space, such as it is. And then I was home again, grateful for the bike which means I get to pedal about outside, no matter what else has to get done.

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