Shiny New Asphalt on 26th Between Charles & St. Paul

Shiny New Asphalt on 26th Between Charles & St. PaulTuesday’s ride took me up the hill and east to Morgan State for a conversation on the Marc Steiner Show about The Wire–about how even though it’s a great television show, it can’t tell the full range of stories about what make this city tick, and the many ways folks work to make it tick better (or worse). It was a good conversation with smart people, and a reminder to me that if you don’t have someone there to talk about women, women fall right out of the discussion. Patriarchy’s a real thing, which means I’ll never be out of a job, amirite? Continue reading

Tree and Safety Cone on Old York Road & 37th

Tree and Safety Cone on Old York Road & 37thWednesday’s ride found me pedaling up Old York Road for a rather roundabout trip to Morgan State. I followed the googleymap directions and was glad I did, because I got to ride through neighborhoods I’m rarely in, having the distinct tendency to go down the hill rather than up the hill, at least to start. It was early, so I dodged the school buses and got to say my how ya doin’s to the many folks walking dogs, walking to work, and walking to school. People were out doing yard work before the midday heat started, and the whole place just felt like a friendly neighborhood where I’d love to have a front porch for tea-sipping and waving. Continue reading