Lunch/Dinner For Sale at the Royal Farms on 36th & Roland Ave.

Lunch/Dinner For Sale at the Royal Farms on 36th & Roland Ave.Plans for a long Tuesday bike ride were scuttled by this season’s cold, but that didn’t mean I was going to drive to my meeting in Waverly, lunch date in Station North, and acupuncture appointment in Hampden. I mean, really–drive there? Please. And contrary to what some folks might think, having a cold is no reason to lock yourself in a metal box to get from place to place, no siree. And the rides were beautiful–the yellows, reds, and oranges of Guilford Avenue, the empty streets of Waverly and Station North in the late morning, and that afternoon ride to Hampden ran me in to several other cyclists, all with different stay-warm and stay-safe strategies. One woman asked me when we were stopped at a red light if I ride year round and at night, and if it’s safe. Continue reading

Acupuncture at St. Anna’s Episcopal Church

Free Acupuncture at St. Anna's Episcopal ChurchTonight’s bike ride took me down the the Treme to meet D. and E. for dinner at St. Anna’s Episcopal Church at Marigny and Esplanade. D. and I got there after the service was over but were easily welcomed in for red beans and rice (perfectly seasoned), salad, and bread. Continue reading